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To be a KÖNIG means having a secure, permanent position in our family-owned company. We are a reliable employer for approximately 2,000 people and at your disposal all over Germany - in your area too, no doubt. Welcome to KÖNIG!

  • Secure jobs, varied tasks

    KÖNIG employees support our customers, for instance in the office, on the construction site, in logistics or in production, while being permanently employed by us. In addition to secure employment contracts, our employees appreciate the varied tasks they are able to take on in their local area.

  • Fair benefits

    KÖNIG is a solid, experienced, well-connected and growing family business. Our employees benefit from permanent employment contracts under the terms of the iGZ tariff, holiday allowance and Christmas bonus, anniversary payments and referral rewards as well as up to 30 days of holiday per year. In addition, we offer capital-forming payments after six months of employment already.

  • Family business since 1965

    KÖNIG is one of the pioneers of personnel recruitment in Germany. It has its roots in Hamburg. The company started there in 1965 as an assembly service provider in the construction industry - its focus being on air conditioning and ventilation technology. Today, KÖNIG is represented at more than 20 locations in Germany as well as 4 in Austria (subsidiary). Many of our specialists have been working for KÖNIG for 15, 25 or even 30 years.

More than 1,800 positions available all over Germany!

Where would you like to work? Full-time? Part-time? Join us! We look forward to getting to know you, your needs and strengths.

Permanent employment, varied tasks:

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Warehouse / Logistics
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Christian Gläser, Erfurt


My branch manager makes sure that he provides suitable assignments and reacts very quickly to problems. On an interpersonal level, he is always on the same level as the employees. At KÖNIG you get what it says on the tin. I am KING and that is how I am treated.

Marcel Henček, Köln


I have been employed by KÖNIG in Cologne for five years. I am always satisfied with my employer, which is why I give five stars as a rating.

Khalkhali-Sharifi, München

Installer HVAC

I have felt well looked after at KÖNIG for over 14 years. The wages are paid very punctually, everyone in the office is very friendly and there for me.

Harald Schneller, München

Installer HVAC

In the beginning, I wanted to get temporary work at a large company - there were also those who wanted to poach me. At KÖNIG, however, I've been doing so well for over 20 years that I'm staying. The personal support is great.

Moritz Dunger, Mannheim

Electronics technician

KÖNIG offered me my first job after successfully completing my training and I am completely satisfied. Great company with interesting work where I can apply my knowledge for the first time.

Marius-Vasile Harabagiu-Farauanu, Mannheim

Plumbing and heating installer

I am very satisfied with my workplace and the local colleagues who treat me with respect. Salary payments are very timely.

Eric Gundlach, Dresden


I am more than 60 years young and grateful to work here.

Thomas Esser, Stuttgart

Plant fitter

I'm very satisfied! Fast response to my application, very pleasant interview. The appointment was prompt. Getting started went smoothly.

Mohanad Al-Khafaji, Stuttgart

Industrial mechanic

KÖNIG is the best employer I've ever had - I'm staying!

Muhittin Ince, Frankfurt

Installer HVAC

It was my 10th anniversary at KÖNIG and there was even a bonus. The assignments are long-term and my wishes are taken into account. My contacts take really good care of me.

André Bittner, Frankfurt


The teamwork is uncomplicated and at eye level - very friendly. I feel iwell looked after. A top employer.

Olaf Recknagel, Berlin

Llandscape gardening assistant

At KÖNIG everyone is friendly and helpful. I work a lot at Tierpark Berlin, which I really enjoy. Everything was great.

Andreas Köhler, Berlin

Plumbing and heating installer

I am very satisfied with KÖNIG because the wages come on time, I have long assignments and am always treated in a friendly and good manner.

Steffen Steffan, Leipzig


On Fridays we regularly discuss how things are going and what's going on - that's always very nice. The assignments are well coordinated with me, i.e. times and tasks. Wages and even advances are always in my account on time.

Andreas Knittig, Erfurt

Plumbing and heating installer

More than 20 years KÖNIG - and never regretted. If I have a problem, I can say so and they will help me. The salary is very good and always on time. All assignments are discussed thoroughly beforehand. I don't want to do without this work anymore and would like to stay until I retire.

Jacek Obarzanek, Moringen

Ventilation fitter

I've been at it since 2011. KÖNIG is great and pays on time. Trips home to Poland also work perfectly. Everything can be reasonably discussed on the construction site. Very nice service in the office.

Zygmunt Ambrozko, Moringen

Ventilation fitter

I have been working at KÖNIG for more than 10 years. In all these years I have not been disappointed once. Wages are always paid on time and the accounting is clear. Accommodation is close to where I work. My contact person is always available and he visits us regularly on the construction site. I can recommend KING to everyone!

Ramon Ehrhardt, Erfurt

Bicycle mechanic assistant

I've been with KÖNIG for more than 10 years now. I've felt comfortable and always in good hands since day one. Personal things are always taken into account - that's really good. I learned a lot from experienced colleagues.

Bojan Hegedic, Nürnberg

Heating installer

I feel very comfortable here. In all matters I get help very quickly and easily. In addition, I am very well looked after by my contact person in the office.

Stefan Greth, Nürnberg

Metal worker

Go to KÖNIG if you want to be an emperor!

Mandy Uhlmann, Nürnberg


KÖNIG is a great employer. I am very satisfied and happy to be here.

Willi Requate, Hamburg

Ventilation installer

I was born in 1952 and am pleased that older employees are also welcome here and that the assignments suit them. The contact persons in the office always have an open ear and help where they can.

Jens Bauer, Hamburg


What I like about KÖNIG? The secure job and great, long-term assignments. The selection of customers is great and I am well integrated everywhere. Payment is on time and fair.

Jaroslaw Mstowski, Hamburg

Sanitary installer

There is a good atmosphere at KÖNIG. The tasks are interesting and exactly my thing. It's great that I have contacts who speak Polish!

Renate Eckermann, Hannover

Production assistant

For me, KÖNIG is the best temporary employment agency that I have come to know. Great contacts, always there for me. A great team!

Thomas Büttner, Hannover


Go in honestly and you will be welcomed with open arms. Praise to the dispatchers! Always available and open to anything.

Arkadiusz Kaczmarek, Hannover


KÖNIG is correct and reliable and has earned my trust. The company offers an attractive salary, special payments and fair conditions. The great advantage of the company is that I can often go home, which is very important to me because I have family there. I'm hired as a painter here and I'm very satisfied. The atmosphere at KÖNIG is very pleasant and our human resources manager is always happy to help, which is why I am happy to recommend the company.

Jennifer Hetkamp, Dortmund

Payroll clerk

I was able to sign an employment contract with my new employer quickly and easily thanks to KÖNIG. Thank you for the nice conversations and the great support!

Nouzad Abdullah, Dortmund

Financial accountant

After my further training as a financial accountant, I quickly got the opportunity to start my career at KÖNIG. The support is uncomplicated and personal. I am very satisfied and feel that I am well looked after.

Felix Imwalle, Osnabrück

Logistics manager, placement service

"Mr. Jakobs arranged an interview after only two days and supported me. I got on the payroll here. I am very grateful to him and would recommend KÖNIG to any of my friends."

Boris Kostadinov, Osnabrück


"My wife and I are very satisfied with KÖNIG. Everyone is understanding and you can rely on them. I have met people with a heart og gold and I am grateful for everything."

Udo Tröger, Osnabrück

Fork-lift driver

"I can only speak well about KÖNIG! This has been the best temporary employment agency I've ever been to for 12 years. I liked it very much. Everyone in the team at the Osnabrück branch was very nice and always arranged everything to my satisfaction."

Christoph Schmidt, Essen

Production assistant

"I'm very satisfied. First company that doesn't get you from A to B. Thank you for the great cooperation."

Daniel Maßmann, Magdeburg

Production assistant

"I would like to thank my HR supporters as well as all other employees at KÖNIG - for their trust in me and the great teamwork!"

Kai Sandring, Magdeburg


"I would like to thank you for the great cooperation, competent support and also for your constant availability, even after work and at the weekend. I have never met such a collaboration before.”

Ayse Negüzel, Dortmund

Payroll clerk

"It means a lot to me that you are always at my side with exceptional reliability and vigour, even during corona times. I would like to express my special thanks to you for this."

Eleni Wuschnik, Dortmund

Sales assistant

"I would like to thank you for your great support with the job placement. Everything went extremely well and above all so quickly. I would be happy to recommend you."

Get a finder’s fee of up to 500 euros!

Do you know someone who would fit perfectly into the KÖNIG team? Then just send us a short message or give us a call! If it works, you will receive your bonus - namely:

300 euros after just two months of successful employment
+ 100 euros after three months of successful employment
+ 100 euros after four months of successful employment

You can secure up to 500 euros per recommendation.

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